Hospital Management Services

Africa Health Care (AHC) offers comprehensive management services for hospitals and other healthcare organisations.

Feasibility & Preparation Work

AHC undertakes feasibility studies in the form of market analyses, evaluation and subsequent financial projections of the client’s hospital development project, including the post-commissioning operation of the hospital as a business, to determine if it is technically viable, financially profitable and within the approved capital budget.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services include all the activities relating to, but not limited to, coordination, organisation structuring, procurement of equipment, staffing, implementation of appropriate systems and processes so as to secure the operating licence and ensure that the hospital is ready to admit patients.

If required by the client, AHC can also assume the role of a one-stop-shop equipment supplier and manage the design, coordination, procurement, installation and testing of all the medical equipment and plant required to effectively commission the hospital and related amenities.

Through the Complete Facilities Management division, AHC is able to offer its clients bespoke solutions with regards to support services, including contract cleaning, catering, laundry, technical services and maintenance, security services, garden maintenance, landscaping, and the upkeep of indoor plants.

This service will ensure the successful commissioning of the hospital together with the pharmacy department, and the attainment of the requisite approvals from the Local Municipality, Provincial Department of Health, South African Pharmacy Council, Board of Healthcare Funders and such other regulatory authorities as may be applicable.

Hospital Management Services

All necessary management services pertaining to the operations of the hospital including wards, theatre, out-patients, accident and emergency department, pharmacy, x-ray, laboratory etc., to a standard required to ensure that the services provided by the hospital are commensurate with those of a quality private hospital which include the following:

  • general management of the hospital and providing comprehensive oversight and support to the day-to-day running, control, planning and quality operation of the business activities of the hospital;
  • strategic and operational management, review and achieving of strategic objectives;
  • attend to information technology management;
  • prepare annual detailed income and expenditure budgets, balance sheets and capital expenditure budgets together with cash flows and present to the Board of Directors for approval;
  • select, employ, orientate, and train staff on an ongoing basis;
  • recruit doctors and/or other health-related practitioners to practice at the hospital when this is necessary;
  • ensure legal and statutory compliance including the licensing and insuring of the hospital;
  • dealing with medical schemes, medical scheme administrators and/or other funders;
  • case management, billings, collections and management of debtors books.

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