Complete Facilities Management

Complete Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd provides a range of specialised non-clinical management services for a range of facility types. Operating primarily out of three key bases, The Fountain Private Hospital; St Helena Private Hospital; and RMA Custodial Care Centre, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of our growing client base by building bespoke, sustainable and proactive solutions that are tailored to specific facility requirements. 

As far as possible, we don’t outsource services to sub-contractors, and all CFM employees are rotated through the various departments to ensure multi-skilling of individuals; this enables us to set and monitor standards and quality of service while retaining and growing our talent in line with our strategic commitment to our people and providing the best in service delivery. 

Our services

  • Contract cleaning for a range of facilities and building types
  • Specialised cleaning for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities
  • A laundry service which adheres to infection control protocols
  • Maintenance and security for a range of facilities and building types
  • Grounds maintenance including the upkeep of outdoor spaces and indoor plants
  • A catering service specialised for healthcare facilities with menus developed in consultation with a dietician
  • Waste management services
  • Provision of a range of mounted soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, hand dryers, bins, sanitary bins, etc.

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