St. Helena Honours Madiba on Mandela Day

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St. Helena Staff Tin Collect

Mandela Day celebrates Madiba’s life and legacy in a sustainable way that will bring about enduring change. St. Helena Private hospital actively got involved in this year’s Mandela Day. The spirit of coming together as a unit to achieve a selfless greater goal was ignited amongst the employees.

Giving back to the community speaks volumes about the hospital’s corporate culture. Ikemisetseng Primary School was the selected charity for this year’s Mandela Day. The staff donated over 100 tins of food and other essentials to the school, which will go a long way. 

Cataract Operation – Mr Pholoholo

As a health institution, St. Helena Private Hospital aims to serve the community at large. Mr Pholoholo is a 70-year-old man who lost his sight many years ago and could not get the help he needed to regain it. St. Helena Private Hospital, with the help of our specialists Dr Macala and Dr Letsele, afforded Mr Phololo the opportunity to be operated on and his cataract was removed. He is now able to see his children and grandchildren once again. As a hospital, we pride ourselves on this initiative, on this special day.

Dr Macala (ophthalmologist) and Mr Pholoholo after the operation.
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