One of AHC’s first employees Gerrit Benecke shares his journey of growth

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Gerrit was one of Africa Health Care’s very first employees. He joined us after working at Sibanye Gold for several years and has become a valuable member of our financial team. There were only a few employees when AHC started in 2014 and now we have over 700 staff across our facilities. 

His journey at AHC began as an Accountant. Now Gerrit has ambitions to become a Hospital Manager and is working steadily towards that goal. He has recently been promoted to Financial Manager for The Fountain Private Hospital and AHC Pharmacy. Without a doubt, Gerrit’s hard work and willingness to learn makes his rapid rise in the company undeniable. 

Gerrit’s decision to join Africa Health Care was motivated by the dedicated work ethic, company culture and opportunities for growth. Even in those early days, Gerrit always felt comfortable bringing feedback or concerns to the company directors, putting our open-door policy to use on many occasions. This policy continues to this day and all of AHC’s staff are given the opportunity to share their ideas with our directors. AHC believes that this is how growth in the company is stimulated and encouraged. 

The work environment was the biggest change Gerrit experienced when joining AHC, he came into a department half the size of his previous one and found it more productive and efficient than he knew possible. 

According to Gerrit, Africa Health Care cultivates employees who are committed and motivated – these are people who believe in the company values of providing affordable health services to underserved communities. Gerrit is proud to be one of these people. He is constantly working to improve his knowledge and has completed a Diploma in Healthcare Management through AHC in order to fuel his growth in the company. AHC understands that upskilling and mentoring their employees is the best way to ensure that they have the finest team possible and Gerrit is proof that there is always an opportunity for their staff to develop their career further. 

Having been with AHC since almost day one, he has never looked back. “If I was given the opportunity to choose Africa Health Care again I would do it ten times over,” he says with a smile. 

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