Charting a dynamic new path for AHC – Innovation from Marketing Manager Omolemo Riet

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One of the newest additions to the AHC family is Omolemo Riet, who joined AHC as a Marketing Manager for St. Helena Hospital. Her previous position was at a manufacturing company, so the move to AHC was an exciting change.

Omolemo has enjoyed being part of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of healthcare, which few people get to experience. Initially, though, she wasn’t entirely convinced about taking up her new position with AHC as she felt that working in a hospital environment would prove to be tedious.  

Thankfully, we managed to prove her wrong and it’s safe to say that her time with AHC has been anything but boring. Omolemo has found that every day in the healthcare industry is different and there’s always something new to learn. As she puts it: “I only realised this once I was on the inside. This industry is truly an important part of everyone’s life and figuring that out when I came to AHC was pretty interesting. I learn something every day. I also didn’t realise the impact we have on people’s lives; the changes it brings, positive or negative. Until you’re on the inside, you will never truly understand this magnitude.”

“This industry is truly an important part of everyone’s life and figuring that out when I came to AHC was pretty interesting.”

Omolemo Riet, marketing manager at AHC.

Omolemo has learnt a lot from her short time at the company, particularly the value of our dedicated nursing staff. She has also begun to teach us a few things about our company culture. We are grateful for her passion in creating connections between staff members and departments through new activities and initiatives. It’s exciting that she is adding a dynamic twist to our company culture and we look forward to seeing what new ideas Omolemo has in store for us. 

Omolemo’s main role is to manage relationships between hospital stakeholders, staff and, most importantly, our patients. This can be challenging at times, but she has built up solid relationships with everyone around. So, whenever there is an issue, Omolemo has a steadfast team ready to support and guide her. She understands that Africa Health Care’s purpose is to provide quality healthcare services to the communities we serve, which means that our clients and patients are always top of mind (closely followed by our incredible healthcare service providers, of course). Omolemo has proven herself to be a wonderful motivator and intermediary for our St. Helena healthcare team, and AHC is proud to have her on board in our journey to growing our facilities across South Africa. 

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