Alfred Daumas progresses from professional nurse to hospital manager

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Alfred Daumas joined the AHC team in 2014, only a few months after the company was founded; he has since become the hospital manager of St. Helena Private Hospital in Welkom. When Alfred applied to join us, it was for the position of a professional nurse (his position at the time) but our CEO, Stephanus, saw great potential in him and offered him the role of Business Development Officer instead. 

Initially, this came as a surprise to Alfred, but he embraced this new position with energy and commitment, thus helping Africa Health Care to establish itself in the community as a reputable healthcare services provider. Our team guided Alfred in this new career path every step of the way. “I realised very early on that I didn’t make a mistake by joining this group because this is the company that recognised my skills and character; they believed in me and placed immense trust that we could work together and grow this business,” Alfred explains. 

Another positive turning point in Alfred’s career at AHC is when he, after two years of joining the company, became the hospital manager of St. Helena Private Hospital.

After watching Alfred’s dedication and adaptability as a Business Development Officer, and when an opportunity for career growth in a different city occurred, AHC’s management knew he was the right choice. Within a few months in his new position, Alfred transformed the hospital by achieving sustainable occupancy levels that remain in place to date. 

“I realised very early on that I didn’t make a mistake by joining this group because this is the company that recognised my skills.”

Alfred Daumas, hospital manager at AHC.

Alfred’s success in AHC is informed by his understanding of the company’s values; he knows that for things to run smoothly in all parts of the business, it’s essential that employees’ needs are met. “I believe if you have unhappy employees then we are going to have a crisis. We cannot expect the company to perform or produce when we have unhappy staff. Hence, it’s imperative to gain an understanding of what the needs of our people on the ground are,” he advises. 

It is through people like Alfred that Africa Health Care has continued to grow successfully over the last five years. It is also employees of his calibre that drive our future achievements. 

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